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Laura Bush: We suffer more than dead Iraqi children

April 26, 2007


Laura Bush wants you to know that when it comes to Iraq, no one is suffering more than the First Couple. No one.
by makeprofilelink(“Joe Sudbay (DC)”); Joe Sudbay (DC) · 4/25/2007 08:23:00 AM ET
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Listen, you Americans, Laura Bush wants you to know the President is suffering over Iraq. In fact, Laura told Anne Curry on the Today Show, that the American people need to know that “no one suffers more than their President and I do.” No one? She’s as delusional as her husband. Of course, her husband is the person who caused the suffering — and is the one person who can end it.

I would wager that there are 3,300 families in America that are suffering more than George Bush. And, there are tens of thousands of injured soldiers who are literally suffering.

Suffering, my ass: Click here to view the video of the horses ass

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