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Democrats = “Anal flutter”

September 29, 2008

AVC: By your own admission, the Bush administration is one of the worst in recent memory. Going by what you’ve said in the past about how the lesser of two evils is still evil, do you see McCain and Obama as indistinguishable? If you agree that McCain would be an extension of Bush’s policy, wouldn’t Obama be at least a smidgen less evil? And isn’t that reason enough to vote for him?

RN: Let’s accept your premise. Here’s my response. The lesser of two evils, or the least of the worst, is not good enough for the American people anymore. They’ve both gone down below the flunk bar. When you consider Democrats today compared to Democrats in the ’60s—ha! Democrats today are overwhelmed with what might be called, indelicately, anal flutter.

AVC: Anal flutter? That’s a new one.

RN: In other words, they have no political fortitude. They’re always trying to engage in protective imitation of the Republicans—”More soldiers in Iraq” or “I’m John Kerry and I’m ready for duty.” [Adopts tough-guy voice.] “We wouldn’t have pulled out of Fallujah!” he says to Bush in the first debate. So, after the election, Bush blew Fallujah apart. Obama swings back and forth—hope, change, hope, change—like a metronome, inducing hypnosis. And McCain is the candidate of perpetual war and omnipresent military bases.

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