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Yet Another Article From My Sister

March 10, 2009

My brilliant sister continues to give me a run for my money as a journalist/columnist. She sow outnumbers me 50 to 1 on the number of articles she’s had published.

When she gets her own BBC show, that’s when I’ll get pissed.

From the Syracuse Post Standard

Christian Brothers Academy sophomore Natalie Sportelli wrote the following for Voices.

The downturn in the economy is hitting everyone, teens included.

Teens, such as myself, are finding opportunities to earn money scarcer. Less money limits your choices for fun. Here are some ways to help you financially and to still have fun during this recession:

Have a movie night. Movie tickets are expensive. An estimated night out to see a movie with three friends is anywhere from $30 to $38 without snacks. Renting a movie for a night in is around $5.

Have a book or movie exchange with friends. Instead of buying a book or a movie, borrow from friends and then lend your friends a book or movie in return. I have a book exchange with one of my friends. He has his work cut out for him with the stack I gave him the other day.

Re-work your clothes. Cut an old pair of jeans down into a skirt or try your hand at sewing in order to add embellishments. This will save tons of money and keep those who love shopping, like myself, out of the mall.

Get a reusable water bottle. This saves you money by not buying water bottles from a vending machine, and it’s good for the environment.

Take advantage of local events. Find out when local concerts or festivals are. It saves you gas money and higher prices elsewhere. Go to your school play or concert and you’re also supporting your school and the kids in the performance. Can you tell I’m in the chorus and the drama club?

Now is the time to learn to become more responsible when it comes to money. Who knows how long this recession will last? The best we can do is save money and practice good financial habits that we can carry through this recession and through life.

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