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“Wolves with Mens Faces”

March 11, 2009

Written at 1:30am inspired by a facebook post a female friend of mine wrote about a run in with a man in Myrtle Beach who warned her “Beware of the wolves with mens faces”

The man in the frayed straw hat quietly leaned in. He put his hand on my door to stay himself from going any farther. His eyes had something to say, a longer story to tell but it was his mouth that was doing the talking.

“Beware of the wolves.”

“The wolves?” I said. Quickly looking around at my friends to see if I was missing an inside joke.

“Yes, the wolves.”

Repeating myself now… “Wolves?” No one seemed to be in on the joke, if there was one…. “Near the beach?” I stammered. “This close to people? Hold on… there aren’t any wolves around here.”

Slowly a big crooked smile presented itself on the mans face.

“Oh yes there are hunny, they may not be the kind you’re all thinking of but they’re wolves all the same. Wolves with mens faces. They’ll tear you apart quicker than a pack of hungry arctic wolves. Don’t turn your back on them for a moment and don’t show ’em fear. They’ll tear you apart I swear by it.”

“Ok, mister, I won’t!”

The man still close, stood up, I swear I could hear his muscles contract and his bones powder. “I’m sure you will, I’m sure you will…”

We drove away and all laughed, but there was a quiet in the car moments after.

I saw him in the rear view mirror, shaking his head mouthing something my mother had said to my father just as we closed the door “They never listen… they never listen…

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