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Short note Trekkies who didn’t like the new Trek film

May 9, 2009

Sorry guys, he just made the best Star Trek film ever. I’ve seen all the previous films and most of the series – the reason it had to be remade is because it was crap. The story of the original films -crap. The effects (which are relatively important in scifi films) crap. The dialogue -crap. The acting? Wow. Crap.

Realize that everyone in the Star Trek franchise never did anything else significant, there might be a reason for that…

I know one of the writers for the original series (who just passed away), he hated his work on the series because the show sucked…

They took an existing property that sucked and made it better, I’m sorry.

With all that said, it could have been worse, it could have been Indiana Jones…

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