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Of Course the Oscar’s are a Con

February 12, 2010

Brief response to John Pilger’s “Why the Oscars Are a Con”

I’ve seen a lot of this negative talk about Hurt Locker – to that I say, “It’s a film”

It doesn’t pretend to be anything else – it’s not a statement on the war, on Bush, Obama anything. The Hurt Locker may begin with a quote from Chris Hedges but that’s where it’s anti-war sentiment ends. The characters don’t have any feelings either way. This is why, I believe that anti-IED soldiers were chosen not regular infantry. It’s a film – a film about a bunch of guys in a shitty situation.

And a well made film at that.

Redacted on the other hand was just a horribly made film, it doesn’t even deserve to be discussed. DePalma made a film so bad that it killed the issue in the public’s eyes.

Avatar is just Dances with Wolves with a bigger budget and the injuns are blue. It’s a terribly racist film, but it’s films like Dances with Wolves that as a child got me to read Dee Browns history of the Native American’s and become a liberal and then go to school for journalism and political science. Sometimes you need a character that you can emphasize with, or recognize when you are entering a foreign land.

Mr. Pilger – you a great writer, a great journalist, but sadly you don’t know anything about film. And this is sadly why no one reads Pilgers, Chomsky’s or Klein’s work in Peoria… and this is why us liberals will always lose.

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