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My Own Reality Film on Palin – Help me Fund it.

March 25, 2010

2008 was a turning point for the nation. A black man stands, for the first time, nominated, one step away from the highest office in the land… the Presidency of the United States of America.

Enter the wild card, the maverick, the Rogue from Alaska: Sarah Palin.

The punditry loses their collective mind, the left followed quickly. She’s an unknown. She’s a self professed rogue, a maverick. So much so her own party doesn’t know what to do with her.

Enter The Rogue Candidate.

What does she stand for? She’s so rogue that even she doesn’t know.
Where does she get her information, her facts? Mavericks don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

Palin owns our news coverage now – she twitters, updates her facebook – it’s on the evening news. But what does she stand for other than her self? That’s what I’m going to Alaska to find out.

So here’s why I’m asking for cash.

I’m going to Alaska in June to see what Palin has wrought. I have access to all the people that know her best like Shannyn Moore, the first person that Palin called after she got the worn on her VP nomination – also Palin’s harshest critic. I’ll be able to get never before seen footage of the environmental effects of Palin and her ilk – from the Pebble Mine to the road to nowhere.

The tickets are bought (on my credit cards) but everything else needs to be covered. I need to rent a car for the 3 weeks that I’m there ($1800), pay for a couple of nights in hotels (crashing on couches for the most part), random bits of equipment… and tapes (lots of them) oh yeah and a bit of food would be nice.

I’ll have the film released at least month before the 2010 election and will have a preview at the largest convention of liberal bloggers and media types Netroots Nation. Several large websites and TV shows have expressed interest in taking pieces of the film or the whole thing… they just aren’t willing (or able) to pay the cost up front (such is the state of the media today).

The DVD that will be produced will have extras such as stand up from comedians like Lee Camp and extended interviews with journalists Shannyn Moore, Greg Palast, Allison Kilkenny and many more.

If the production actually makes any money (here’s to hoping!) I’m using it to start an non-profit investigative fund for photo-journalists and videographers.

Thanks for your help! Any questions about the production or if you think you might be able to lend a hand – shoot me an e-mail at

Finest- Zach Roberts
InsurgencyUSA Productions

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