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It’s All the Same. Part one

May 27, 2010

People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous. -Burke

It’s All the Same.

There’s a theme running through the American disasters right now. One of greed, carelessness and depression.

We simply don’t care anymore.

We are that guy on the sidewalk with his hair disheveled, shirt untuck talking to no one in particular. You want to say something, tell someone, but you can’t, you’re afraid. He’s no rabid dog, but he does still seem dangerous.

Eight years of Bush drained the left of energy and sapped the right of it’s self righteousness. A year of Obama was the killing stroke. Not as much because of what he did, but what he hasn’t done.

Even the Right’s defense of the Gulf disaster is tired… nature is like the free market… let it deal with it itself…

They know that’s not true, we know it’s ridiculous. No one cares.

The left is unexpectedly quiet. No marches, no protests… just profile changes and symbolic boycotts from people that don’t drive anyway. I think of what the South fought for, 160 years ago, slavery and ‘states rights.’ Our environment – and by this I mean not some inconvenient truth but it’s actually being poisoned live on the nightly news and the best we can do is twitter.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar kisses Sarah Palin while the President gamely  ‘exerts pressure on BP – we all know he won’t… at least to the extent that’s needed. No one will be in stocks, no one will see the inside of a jail cell. Just like the past 8 years.

No one pays, but yet somehow everyone pays.

We don’t even have the idea of justice that ‘3rd world’ nations like Rwanda and Chile have. Amnesty, admit your sins and you go free. Closure, it’s important to victims of crimes, whether a single person or a whole nation.

As a agnostic I’m always disturbed by the statement “We are a Christian Nation” but sometimes I could compromise with “We are a Catholic nation.” At least the Catholics have process of forgiveness. Rituals are important, even for a country as young as ours.

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