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Right now it’s just a big f’n pit

August 16, 2010

Let me pre-apologize for the NY’er attitude in this comment:

Let me repeat for the millionth time. It’s not a mosque.

One more time, It’s not a mosque.

Its a religious center that will have a place for prayer. (i.e. a carpeted area with some symbols)

But beyond that this whole discussion is stupid.

I hate to pull out the NY’er card here, but no one really gives a shit about it there. There’s already a prayer center in the same area, right next to a bar that my friends and I used to put on burlesque shows. In NYC no one gives a shit about your religious stupidity. Muhammed, Jesus, Moses… whatever… just get the f’ out of my way… I’m late to work… We’re too busy for this stuff.

The sooner the rest of the country starts dealing with 9/11 the way we do the better, we’re sick and tired of it. Give the money to the 1st responders and let whoever wants to build near the site of the WTC GO AHEAD. Because right now it’s just a big fucking pit.

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