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New Explosion in the Gulf

September 2, 2010

New Explosion in the Gulf

Yet another rig in the Gulf of Mexico has exploded and caught fire. Reports currently are that no one was hurt in the explosion and that all hands were safely evacuated. Mariner Energy, the company that owns the rig has claimed that” In an initial flyover, no hydrocarbon spill was reported.” (Link:

Barron’s is now reporting that the “U.S. Coast Guard now says that a 1 mile long by 100 foot wide oil sheen has been spotted near the site of the Mariner Energy”

No further word on whether containment measures were ready, or deployed. Mariner Energy’s press release contains, not-surprisingly, little detail about the spill, but a large amount of details about “Important Information Concerning Forward-looking Statements.” Basically a message to stock-holders about the future of the company.

Mariner according to the company website it holds “interests in nearly 350 Federal offshore leases, with more than 110 of those in development.”

The CEO of Mariner previously served as Vice President of Enron North America Corp. and co-managed its Energy Capital Resources group. has the first photo of the burning rig here and more info on the company.

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