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Obama ≠ Hitler and neither does Glenn Beck

September 14, 2010

My philosophy teacher made me realize this point years ago. He and I had a ball arguing with each other since the rest of the class didn’t like to contribute. So we would essentially figure out how Plato, or Aristotle applied to current of historical politics and then we’d have it out. Since he was a Reagan conservative usually the arguments would either fall back to Bush (who he disliked, but would sometimes defend for the point of arguing) and Reagan. One day he and I were really getting into it and he calmly wound me up to the point of yelling “Reagan was a genocidal maniac!”

Now the point could theoretically be argued that he committed genocide at some level – but either way I had lost the argument. And thus lost any chance of winning him over to my way of thinking – which to me is the only reason to get into a political argument (other than just sparring).

Well I caught myself right at the end of “maniac!” The class took an audible intake of air expecting the worst – but he had a shit eating grin on his face. And just calmly said “and you lose.”

No American leader has ever been comparable to Hitler because, well the American people at some point put a stop to them before it gets any where near Germany 1933. Even Bush, as much as I hate him, oh and I really do, he is not Hitler, not even close. The numbers don’t add up, and neither do the intentions. Hitler was the closest incarnation of pure evil that we’ve ever had.

Could it happen here? I suppose, but alienation of the people that you’re trying to convince is never going to stop it. Even if you believe that they’re so far down the Glenn Beck rabbit hole they can’t possibly climb back out – don’t let them make it easy to hate you. Don’t make it easy for them to think of you any less than their equal.

It ends badly.

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