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LaRouchites Claim they Were Against the War Before it was Cool… also Obama=Hitler

September 18, 2010

I hate responding to stupid comments on blogs, but sometimes you just have to do it. The big one as of late is the Obama=Hitler comments. A lot of them are brought to you by the Crazytown that is the LaRouchePAC.

Since the LaRouche clan doesn’t seem to have a basic knowledge of history I decided to leave this slight rant on a friends (Allison Kilkenny) great piece about Barney Frank mocking a LaRoucheite. Along with the Obama=Hitler insanity they also claim to have been against the wars from the beginning….

“Funny, I went to all the big anti-war protests, covering them for various news websites and never saw a LaRouche-ite protesting the war. They were present but were usually holding a hate-filled sign about taxes or something. They stand out in a crowd as they’re the ones always comparing someone to Hitler and yelling at peaceful people walking by.

LaRouchePAC is a cult hiding behind a political action committee.

Also, Obama is not Hitler. The massive ironies in the photoshopped posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache should be obvious to anyone with a 5th grade history knowledge. But here, since I guess this blog has caught the attention of the LaRouche-ites I’ll give you the step by step.

Hitler- committed genocide against jews, blacks muslims, gays

Obama- Is Black, has family that is muslim(but he is NOT). Many on Obama’s staff are jewish. Also he is committed to repealing DADT.

Hitler- Started a world war
Obama- taking troops out of Iraq (albeit many are still there)

Hitler- Hated free speech and stopped it whereever he could and murdered everyone that was involved.
Obama- Puts up with your stupid bullshit.”

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