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Alan Grayson and the Purple People

July 7, 2011

For the Mudflats

By: Zach Roberts/Russell Burlingame

I’m finally getting to look over the footage I shot while at Netroots Nation, and I came across this gem from the always quotable former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson. He uses the the release of The Green Lantern movie as a way to talk about what the Democratic Party does for America, versus what the the Republican Party does. The speech is cited in a fundraising email, but I believe the video here, for is the first anyone will be seeing it. Grayson spoke at a Minneapolis church – the first stop on the Democratic Progressive Caucus Speak Out Tour. Below the video is an explanation of the comic book from my good friend of 15 years Russell Burlingame whom I work with over at Ever since I’ve known him he’s worn a Green Lantern ring – he recently got married, so I think it may have finally been removed… but maybe not. Whenever I want to try to get back into comics Russ is the guy I ask about what’s worth reading. He also helped me produce Greg Palast’s Steal Back You Vote – A Graphic Voter Guide (2008) (Download for free here )


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