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The Trials of Joe McGinniss

September 2, 2011

Commented on this story.

Muckraking is not a bad word. I’ve worked for a ‘muckraking’ journalist. You might want to rethink that one. But to call Joe one, is bullsh*t – I don’t know about his other books but this one on Palins was co-written by Blind Alliegence co-author Jeanne Devon and Alaska Radio show host Shannyn Moore – they handed him info and leads on a constant basis – knowing that a book by him would get the word out more than their work might and they thought he was a friend. I thought he was too when asking what the name of the film I was working on was going to be – which he liked… and promptly stole.This is no hit piece, in fact I think the author pulled his punches. I was in Alaska the same time as Joe was in Alaska and I hung out at his place by the Palins several times. I was tricked by his kindness as well – there is much more to this story parts that I can’t tell and Jeanne and many other Alaskans would never either.

Joe is greedy, just put it down to that. I won’t be buying his book, I’ll be asking for a press copy….

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