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“Don’t Call It Zuccotti, Call It Liberty”

April 15, 2012


Less than a year ago, Justin Sane, the frontman for the punk band Anti-Flag, felt like giving up.

“I felt like I was one of the only people who really cared about justice and equality and about the future of our world,” he said. But when the Occupy Wall Street movement began, Sane suddenly felt hopeful again. “It made me believe again that a better future was possible. Occupy has given so much more to me than I can ever give back.”

Anti-Flag was on tour when the movement first began, but as soon as the band came home, Sane went straight to New York City. One particular event stands out in his memory; on one of the first snowy, freezing nights at the start of winter, he was attending a General Assembly and a man began speaking about the power of language and its importance in creating social change. He also mentioned the history of Zuccotti Park, and how it used to be called Liberty Plaza Park. The speech moved Sane, and he knew he needed to write a song about it. Just like that, the idea for “Don’t Call It Zuccotti, Call It Liberty” was born.

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