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They don’t represent you: Arab in NYC

November 22, 2012

Well New Yorkers, here’s your choices for Mayor advertising who they’re going to represent… if you’re Jewish or Israeli they’re represent you to the fullest. If you’re from any other part of the world you get second billing (at best).

Council Speaker Christine Quinn:
“New York is Israel and Israel is New York. We are bound together as brothers and sisters in our struggle to be free of terror, to be free of being targets…”

Comptroller John Liu:
“It was just a couple years ago that I had the chance to visit Israel, and among many sites, to spend some time in S’derot. To see the heaps of the remains of rockets that had been launched into that small town. To see where children have to go to school nearby the closest bunker where they are taught that they have seconds to run into those bunkers as soon as they hear those sirens go off.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio:
“It’s this simple: Israel has the right to defend itself. Israel is our closest ally. This is not even grey, it’s abundantly clear.”


New York City is well known for it’s Jewish population – we’ve all seen a Woody Allen movie, we’ve all had a “New York” bagel (even if it’s nothing like a real New York bagel) – but what sometimes is forgotten that New York has a massive Arab-American population of 371,233. Get that? That’s more than the entire population of New Orleans.

While it may not be close to the numbers that that consider themselves Jewish in NYC – it’s a damn substantial part of the city. It would be nice if they could feel represented – or at the very least like they have an even playing field.

This coming election I say that the Arab-Americans population in NYC run their own candidate and vote lock step for them. They may not win – but damn, that would be a beautiful, peaceful statement.

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